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Our Story

"How can I practice putting at home like in the real green?"

We couldn't find the right device anywhere, so we invented our own.

Our Story

EXPUTT, a dynamic cost-effective putting simulator that comes with both practice and play modes, was invented, designed and manufactured by Dr. Jin H. Yang and his team of engineers. Invant Inc., Exputt’s parent, was born out of the company Silicongraphy, of which Dr. Yang was the CEO and founder, in 2008. Silicongraphy was a developer of semiconductor chips for smart phones and smart TVs. Silicongraphy’s niche patented technology was designed to decode video images into accurate data.

Dr. Yang and his team are passionate golfers - and like most golfers, they struggled with putting. Due to a major void of a quality putting simulators, they invented Exputt for themselves in 2018. The unit packed a punch in reading metrics for putter path trajectory and impact angles, and incorporated other elements such as breaks, slopes, green speeds, speed of ball after impact and distance with accuracy.

After finding the amazing accuracy of Exputt had dramatically affected their golf game, Dr. Yang and his team decided to go commercial and start selling Exputt to the public. They stepped away from the semiconductor business and focus solely on golf technology and are now in the process of creating new products, such as a dynamic, full-swing simulator and the next generation for Exputt, which will include wifi capability and data extraction.

In late 2019, Exputt hit the USA market with a soft launch. In January, Exputt fell into the public eye of consumers, retailers, coaches and PGA pros. It has grown weekly since then. Mr. Jin Y. Yang, Dr. Yang’s brother, is the co-founder and CEO of BlueSquareUS in New Jersey. Mohammad Hadla is co-founder and CFO of BlueSquareUS. Mohammad and Jin are responsible for exclusive distribution of Exputt globally in North and South America, Europe, and Australia / New Zealand territories.

Exputt is not only a great product for practice and play - it has been a cure for many that are experiencing cabin fever from Covid-19 quarantining. Once professional athletes and celebrities start using Exputt and tagging each other on social media, Exputt is sure to be a viral phenomenon!