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Exputt is the indispensable training tool for putting that is trusted and recommended by professionals, coaches and finer golf shops around the world!

Erika Larkin Review

#1 Coach in VA since 2014, ranked by Golf Digest

“In golf, we are always striving to do better with our touch. How better to practice long lag than with a system like this that forces you to internalize, visualize, and estimate what that putt has to feel like?”

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Laura Photo

Laura Patrick Golf Review

Laura Patrick, LGPA Teaching Professional

“This is the best putting simulation software that I have ever seen. It has a consumer-level price point and it is trusted by professionals. How do I know that? Because we were all buying them to use both personally and with our students. It collects data to tell you where you need to spend more time practicing!”

Austad's Golf Review

Golf Equipment and Apparel

"It gives you a chance to put around, work on your game, and you get a lot of great data."

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My Golf Spy Review

Premiere Golf Blog

"It’s pretty cool! Links up to your TV via HDMI cord, press the button... ready to go! Real simple and easy to set up. The visuals are great! This is good for getting data and a bit of fun."

Scott Hogan Review

Golf Instructor

“A new putting revolution may be here as we have ExPutt! ExPutt lets you work on all aspects of putting indoors and in limited space. Don't take my word for it, check it out!”

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